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crane, soil cleanup
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Michigan ● Taggart Compressor Station ● Six Lakes ● Active Gas Compressor Station
Wetland soil impacted by improper disposal practices involving heavy metal (mercury).
Objective – remove mercury-impacted soil within a regulated wetland, contiguous to a lake.
Clearing and grubbing of trees, stumps, roots and other vegetation to the anticipated depth
of the remedial activities ● Trees downed in designated wetland areas were stockpiled and
redistributed across the wetland at completion of the work ● Per the wetland permit, stumps
from trees removed only for access purposes (and not in the remedial area) remained in the
ground to promote reforestation.

Excavation, stabilization, transport, disposal of 1700 CY of mercury-affected,shallow wet soil
from an approximate 0.8 acre area, of which 0.75 acres was defined as wetland.

crane, soil cleanup
Project Summary

ERG participated in a competitive bid process for all three (3) sites and was selected not on only price but also because of our expertise and suggested approaches to complete the projects. Michcon ● Broadway Service Center ● Ann Arbor ● Former MGP Site Michcon ● Wealthy Service Center ● Grand Rapids ● Former MGP Site Soil impacted with byproducts produced from historical gas processes conducted on site. Objective – selectively remove identified hot-spots of coal-tar, an MGP byproduct. DTE Energy ● Fowlerville Central Tank Battery ● Fowlerville ● Aboveground Tank Battery Soil impacted by releases from several leaking aboveground storage tanks located on site. Objective – remove impacted soil, assist with confirmatory soil sampling, and restore site.

Project Summary

ERG was retained to engineer, procure and construct required elements of DTE’s SPCC plans for 20+ Class C Electrical Substations located throughout the greater Detroit area ● Measures were installed pursuant to EPA’s latest SPCC regulations for oil-filled equipment within and around the substations ● DTE substations included herein require SPCC compliance as the typical substation has an aggregate fuel in equipment/oil volume which exceeds the SPCC’s regulatory maximum 1,320 gallon storage limit for tanks which could discharge oil into or upon US navigable waters or adjoining shorelines in the event of a catastrophic release.

Project Summary

ERG was awarded a contract to provide waste management, industrial cleaning, and demolition of a 219,000 sf manufacturing facility despite not being the lowest bid for the work ● ERG’s detailed technical proposal and waste/industrial/environmental experience demonstrated to local facility managers and international owners that the project would be completed as proposed, in compliance with all environmental regulations, and in the most cost efficient manner possible, including returning metal salvage value to defray overall project costs ● Subsequent to demolition, the work transformed into a significant soil and groundwater remediation project.